Henri’s has been dressing brides for over 60 years, and we’ve compiled a list of important things to remember and consider when shopping for a bridal gown! You’ll only go wedding dress shopping once (hopefully) in your life, so do it fabulously and let our expert stylists show you the Henri’s experience.


1. Your stylist is your best friend

Your bridal consultant will be with you not only through your first appointment, but through the ordering process, final fittings, all the way until you take your gown home. She is your middle (wo)man to discounts and free stuff, and she is the gatekeeper of answers to questions like, “When will by bridesmaids dresses arrive?” and, “What is a bustle and why do I need one?” Don’t be afraid to ask her for recommendations in bridal style and other wedding related things. She has worked with hundreds of brides, so you know she has the inside scoop on what’s popular for this season! Treat your bridal consultant like your best friend, and she will go the extra mile to ensure you and your wallet are happy.

2. Don’t forget your undergarments

Preferably the ones you’ll wear the day of the wedding. Our bridal stylists are hands-on in helping you in and out of the gowns, lacing and zipping you up, and helping you with slips, shoes, and other accessories. So wear something you’re comfortable in and comfortable letting someone see you in. Rest assured that all of our staff is extremely professional and take great care with our gowns and our guests, especially when we need to step into the changing room with you.

3. Bridal gowns are sized differently than other clothing items

Deep breath. Don’t panic. Just because you normally wear a size 6 does not necessarily mean your bridal gown will be that size. Wedding dresses are sized differently that other clothes and even differ between designers. Your stylist/best friend will be able to give you an idea of which brands run small and which run large and pull dresses accordingly. If you are prepared to order a gown, your measurements will be taken and compared against the manufacturer’s individual size chart to ensure the best fit. Which brings us to our next important tip for wedding gown shopping…

4. Shop for the body you have now

In most cases, we recommend ordering your wedding dress 8 months in advance, although we do have sample dresses that you can take home today, if you’re in a hurry! Either way, you should shop for the body you have right now. If you’re looking to drop some pre-wedding weight, remember that your gown is much more easily altered down than altered up if you don’t hit your goal.

5. Consider the time of day

When you arrive for your first bridal appointment, your personal consultant is going to ask a lot of questions to get to know you and your vision for the perfect day. Where are you getting married? What does the venue look like? What time of day? These are important things for you to consider because you want to look your absolute best in the lighting you will have on your wedding day. If you’re getting married outside, in the summer, at 2pm, be sure to visit us during a sunny day and check yourself out in a mirror near the window. Having a candle lit church ceremony? Shop for wedding gowns in the evening or ask your consultant to dim the lights.

6. Apease Mom by trying on her suggestion

Your mother has likely been looking forward to seeing you in a bridal gown for quite some time. And maybe she chooses a huge, princess ball gown that is simply not your style, but oblige her with a pick of her own. Either she’ll realize that you were right, and the dramatic appearance of a voluminous, tulle skirt is too over the top, or perhaps you’ll realize that you’ve always dreamed of a gown as regal as the one she suggested. It’s a win-win. And while you’re here, check out our stunning selection of Kendra Scott jewelry – the perfect gift to show your appreciation for your mom or your maids.

7. Comfort is key

Comfort is something you should absolutely be thinking about when selecting a wedding gown. If you’re having a Catholic ceremony or any ceremony that requires you to kneel, make sure you kneel in the dress before you buy! If you’re having a rowdy reception, bust some moves in our bridal department! What could be worse than struggling through a wedding and reception without being able to move and enjoy yourself?

8.  Tears are optional

Every appointment is different, just like every bride is different. Some brides are overcome with emotion the moment they slip into “The One” and others are surprised to find how detached they are from the whole experience. Certainly not everyone cries! So what’s our advice? When you think you’ve found the gown, try to eliminate all other factors and listen carefully to that little voice inside of you. She will help you make the right decision, just as she has guided you this far.


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