Now that you have your wedding dress picked out and ready to go, it’s time to pick your bridesmaid dresses. Depending on the size you want your wedding to be, you can choose your top  2, 3 or 10 friends and relatives to join you in your wedding party. I’ve always been a big believer of matching bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes the maid of honor will stand out with a different dress, or the whole wedding party will have the same designer and material but in different colors. In my eyes, the bride makes a final decision on what she wants her girls to wear at the wedding. So for this week’s blog, I’m going to show you some of our top bridesmaid dress designers for your wedding.

Bill Levkoff

Here at Henri’s we have seven different designer dress collections to choose from for your bridesmaids. Two, however, stand out the most as our top selling bridesmaid dress designers. Our first one is  Bill Levkoff. Great quality for their dresses, the Bill Levkoff selections give you the beauty of taffeta, organza or the feeling the cool breeze on a warm summer day in the popular chiffon skirt as it flows softly while showing your beauty off at the wedding. The Bill Levkoff 153 is perfect for this description. This beautiful halter top pure color dress with a short, chiffon skirt. The Bill Levkoff collection is a great choice to check out for your special day.

Mori Lee

One of our most popular sellers in the Mori Lee collection is the Mori Lee 684. With a V-neck pure color dress, this satin material gives you that sexy feeling when on the dance floor at the reception. Also, the dress contains a tie sash around the waist, giving you the pure look while at the wedding supporting your bride. The Mori Lee collection is a definite designer to check out for your upcoming wedding.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what type of colors you want to pick out for the bridesmaids, here are a couple popular colors to choose from.





So there is really no going wrong with whatever you pick. You could pick a long skirt for winter days or for a reception that you would want to keep the clean, pure look to all the girls. Or maybe a summer look with the short skirt when your going to be outside and you want your bridesmaids to cut loose and have fun showing off a little leg. Strapless, one shoulder, halter-top, it’s all popular but it’s all different when it comes to each bride. You and your friends just need to go check them out for yourself. We’re a full service bridal salon that will provide dresses, jewelry, shoes and more. Come check out our selection here at Henri’s Cloud Nine in either Minerva or Columbus!