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Unique Prom Dresses: How to Stand Out at Prom 2014

The newest prom dresses for 2014 are here! Check out some of the greatest unique prom dresses around.
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Which Prom Dress Should You Choose for 2014?

Everyone knows that prom is an exciting time. While shopping for prom dresses can be a ton of fun, you might find yourself stressed out all at ...
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COOLBOOK 2014 Style Show from COOL BOOK on Vimeo. The Cool Book is the BEST in designer prom. Visit to find a retailer ...
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Planning for the Prom: Choose Your Jovani Prom Dress Today

Although it is only the wintertime, prom is sure to be on its way before you know it. Prom is one of the best times of your life—you get to dance with someone you’re crushing on, or someone you have serious feelings for, all while looking absolutely beautiful. It’s also a huge picture-taking event, which means looking your best is highly encouraged. This gives you a great excuse to mess around with new makeup and hair techniques in order to look simply gorgeous during the big day.
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Your Survival Prom Guide

Are you ready for the perfect prom night? Did your dream date ask you to the prom, in which you jumped, squealed, and promptly said “Yes!” ...
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Henri's Cloud Nine and Jovani

Henri’s Cloud Nine is your online destination for Jovani prom!

For the first time ever, Henri’s Cloud Nine has had the privilege of being named one of only three online Jovani dress retailers for the ...
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Happy Memorial Day!

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Know your accessories! Clear vs AB vs Vitril

I stood in the lobby of our store today and watched a customer browsing the earring section. Picking some up to her face and overlooking others, ...
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The Best of 2012!

This year has been a great one! We at Henri's have made new friends and business partners, exceeded our sales goals, and successfully prepared for ...
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Prom themes: What will yours be?

Every spring, a monumental social occasion for millions of teenagers across the country comes in the form of beautiful dresses, a fancy dinner, ...
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