Henri’s, one of the top sellers of homecoming dresses is now offer last year’s show-stopping dresses at half the price that can be easily bought online.

Henri's Sale Dresses

Henri’s Sale Dresses

You know that little secret that we all share, but no one admits to? Time to face the music- we all shop from the sales rack from time to time! There. Doesn’t that feel good to get off your clearance apparel clad chest? There’s nothing wrong with getting clothes for a bargain. It feels good to wear a steal. And it should!

If you buy your clothes at half off, why not your homecoming dresses? They’re just as gorgeous as a full priced dress. That’s why Henri’s is now offering half priced homecoming dresses from last year. Not only are they a steal, but they’re also new and still fashionable. No one will know the difference! You’ll look just as dazzling at half the price!

Henri’s sale homecoming dresses can be found on their website, henris.com. They start at $49! Looking for that near impossible to find Jovani dress? Now you can get it 50% off at Henri’s! You can even buy it online using their manufacturer’s size charts! They also have instructions on how to take your measurements. AND they recommend accessories that would match the fabulous homecoming dress you are buying to complete the look! You can create the perfect ensemble for homecoming without leaving the comfort of your home!