With the year winding down and the holidays upon us, designers and experts in the industry know that prom is right around the corner and many have already released their 2013 collections. Looking back, in the 1980′s there were big, poofy shoulders and a-line silhouettes. In the 90′s, tight-fitting taffeta dresses with off the shoulder sleeves were hot. In the last decade, we’ve seen everything from two-piece, midriff-exposing sheath styles to giant ballgowns to the introduction of the (still) popular mermaid silhouette. But the dawning of a new, sparkling era has begun and today’s prom-goers want something that makes a serious statement. So what can you expect to see at this year’s grand march or parade of fashions?

  1. The High Low Style:   Very trendy, very fun, and very versatile. The makers of this style dress have really tailored the look to incorporate the best of many past prom favorites. The high hemline in the front is good for showing off your killer high heels and, of course, worry-free dancing! No more stepping all over yourself on the dance floor. You can walk with confidence, and the low hemmed skirt will gracefully follow behind. This gives the illusion of volume and serves as sort of a train for the dress. Something really unique that you’ll see a lot of this year is the removable high-low skirt. For pictures, keep it secured around the waist so Mom will have something to remember how beautiful you were on that day in your long, flowing gown. Then, ditch the skirt and rock your mini dress for the ultimate mix of fabulous and functional. Either way, you’ll love the way you can move in a high-low dress and the versatility it gives you. Business in the back, party in the front.
  2. Big, chunky stones:   Move over sequins and glittering fabric, this year’s hottest accent is big, chunky stones. On the bodice, on the skirt, on the sleeves, the possibilities are endless. The characteristics of a geometric detail like a stone project a sense of three dimensional shine that catches the light and reflects it in a thousand different directions.  In addition to giving off an illumination that’s unlike a lot of accents we’ve seen in the past, it adds a texture that is really unique as well. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a sea of gemstones with each one like a bead of water dripping off the dress. One thing to note about big, chunky stones: they are heavy! Expect a dress that is substantially covered in them to weigh you down, but not necessarily restrict any movement on the dance floor.
  3. Funky shoes:   Yes, this has been done before. Every year there is one girl who throws on an old pair of Converse as if to appear unconventional or against the grain. But now, designers are gearing their efforts to include the silly and off-beat. Imagine a world where formal wear has become sparkling, platform sneakers and bedazzled cowboy boots, because we are living it! From the subtle and cute details like an interesting strap pattern or illustration to the truly bizarre reverse high heels, this year has been the year for never-before-seen shoe designs and you’ll be sure to see some people stepping out of the box on the big night.
  4. Sheer/Nude elements: Not for the faint of heart, styles that feature sheer paneling or nude illusion necklines are going to be red hot this year. As if it were plucked straight from the runway, fashion designers are making sure to include the nude in their prom collections. Dresses with these details range from risqué to totally tame with beading and embellishments carefully placed to give you sheerness while leaving some to the imagination. Talk to your alterations specialist for ways to make a sizzling dress more school-venue appropriate. When done right, a nude/sheer neckline, bodice, or back detail will give you the appearance from afar that the sequins and stones are actually applied to your skin.
  5. Sleeves and Lace:   In other words: Throwbacks. These once beloved, must-have details are back and they are better than ever. Delicate lace that at one time reminded you of your grandmother’s dining room has now taken on a sexy, trendy new look that incorporates the modern silhouettes with a touch of classic lace. Ballgowns and mermaid style dresses are especially pretty when paired with the right amount of lace. We are so happy to see sleeves make a comeback as well. These aren’t your 1980′s marshmallow sleeves, these are sleek and sexy. You won’t miss the strapless variety, and there’s something kind of sultry about the extra coverage. When you look at sleeves like they are an accessory, you will begin to understand wear the designers are going with them and perhaps even the future of prom attire.


Now tell us what you think! Have you started thinking about prom yet? Will your outfit on the big day include any of these?