Frequently Asked Questions

We receive messages each day asking all these really important questions! Hopefully this blog post has assisted you in learning more about our company and clarifies any confusion! If there is anything more specific that you need further assistance on always feel free to message us on Instagram, call us (1-800-952-3560), or send us an email at


Q: Can I model for Henri’s?


A: Yes!! We are always looking for new models to get content for our Instagram, TikTok, and our website! If you are interested in becoming a model please send us an email with a few of your best photos (headshot & full body) , a short bio about you and what you like to do, your instagram handle, and your age to! Also, please let us know if you have any previous modeling experience. Please no (super) filtered photos.


Q: Can I try on an online sale dress in one of your stores?


A: Unfortunately no, our online sale dresses are not located in our stores. They are in off location warehouses and shipped to you straight from there.


Q: Can I return or exchange my dress?


A: All sales are final.


Q: How can I check to see if Henri’s has a dress in stock?


A: You have a few options here: you can message us on Instagram and ask by style number or a photo we posted of the dress, or you can check out our website to see if we still have it in stock! You can always call us too at 1-800-952-3560!


Q: Do I have to make an appointment for prom?


A: Appointments for prom shopping are all up to you! If you have a specific stylist you’d like to work with you can make sure they are available! We accept walk-ins and appointments during the week but weekends are walk-in only. We take our clients on a first come first serve basis on Saturdays and Sundays. I recommend coming in first thing in the morning right when we open to have the first selection of the day and most of our amazing stylists will be ready for you to start trying on! It gets super busy on the weekend and if you are there during the peak times (afternoon-late afternoon) we are super busy and there could be a wait to get a dressing room.


Q: How can I be featured on Henri’s Instagram page?


A: If you are shopping with us during the weekend and see a marketing employee walking around with a camera they will be happy to take your photo and usually will ask for your permission. We also have Instagram takeover influencers that walk around the store that will interact with you and take photos of you for our Instagram story. If you don’t catch one of our floating photographers you can always post a photo of you in our store or with your garment bag, tag us, and we will do our best to put you on our story! Once your prom is here tag us in all your beautiful photos on Instagram and we will post you to the story or even on our feed!!

Q: Do you do on site alterations?


A: Unfortunately we do not for prom, due to the amount of customers we simply do not have the time to alter everyone’s gown! We do have plenty of awesome recommendations for you! Just ask your stylists! Also your stylist will be able to help you tell you how the dress can be altered to get that perfect snatched fit!