The last group before you enter with your father or close family member is the youngest out of the wedding party. The flower girl and ring barrier are one of the cute highlights for everyone to see at your wedding ceremony. There is nothing like watching your little niece, cousin, sister or whoever walk down the aisle placing the flowers for when you walk down. As like the rest of your party, she will need a well fit, comfortable and beautiful dress. Henri’s Cloud Nine is a proud provider of Little Maiden ¬†flower girl dress’s by Venus.

The LM3398 flower girl dress would be a great choice for your flower girl this year. With a Silky Taffeta gown, the dress features a uniquely cut asymmetric bodice. Crinoline for fullness and a lace up the back. A flower around the belt brings out the innocents of your flower girl as she walks down a line of smiles and “Awww’s” by the crowd.

Another great choice is the is the LS2091. This dress includes a scoop neckline sleeveless lace bodice, a ribbon band wrapping around the waist with multi-tierred A-line skirt. I love the look of this dress and if I was getting married, I would suggest to my fiance that her flower girl wear this dress at our wedding. I can’t help but say “Aw” to this flower girl dress to anyone who wears it.

Last but not least, we need to pay attention to the men. Henri’s Cloud Nine is usually a women’s only store but this is the only time I can actually talk about the guys and the tuxedo’s that we provide for the groom and groomsmen for your wedding. We offer twelve different designers of tuxedos at very affordable prices.

One of our top designers is the After Six Paragon Tuxedo. A one of a kind tuxedo, it will suit him up in sophistication, from its satin lapels to its extra-fine merino wool. He’ll feel confident about investing in luxury for his wedding and you.

So like I said in the past, this is your wedding. You have the freedom of deciding everything you want. You may not be in control of what color your future husband wears but you can be sure that he is going to look handsome in whatever tuxedo he fits into for the wedding. Give ideas for your flower girl, bridesmaids, mothers and all for what they should wear. Make this your day where all eyes are on you and you know you have the beauty of others right by your side.