Homecoming is right around the corner, and the hottest trends are arriving at Henri’s! Are you ready to dance the night away with your friends or catch the eye of that special someone? Let us help you find that Insta-perfect dress! Here’s a look at what’s hot this year.

1. Fringe

Fringe dresses have been super popular here at Henri’s this season. You’ll be transported back into the roaring 20s in this fun and sassy style! These dresses are the perfect combination of stunning details and flirty fabrics.

Find your fringe-tastic dress at Henri’s from designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, and much more! Plus, they look great in Boomerangs on #Insta, trust us! :)


Jovani 62975


Jovani 63002


Sherri Hill 52203

2. Simple and Stunning

No glitz? No glam? No problem! We understand that sometimes less is more. With these dresses, you can let the simplicity do the talking, or glam it up with some accessories! With this simple-and-elegant style, you can spice up your look with your favorite pair of shoes, some statement jewelry, bold makeup — you name it!

Check out these simply stunning looks from some of our designers!


Sherri Hill 5215630230_2

Ashley Lauren 4045


Sherri Hill 51631

3. Long-sleeves

Are you looking for something unique, but not TOO unique? Look no further than these long-sleeved styles! They’ll keep you warm in the fall evening or while you’re taking photos, but you’ll still be looking cool on the dance floor! Impress your friends, and catch the eye of that cutie from class in these stunning pieces.

150229265Sherri Hill 52113


Jovani 63340


Rachel Allan 4623

4. Beading, beading, beading!

For the Henri’s girl ready to totally SPARKLE at #HOCO18! Beading is in, but let’s be honest, did it ever really go ‘out’? Get ready to dazzle your friends and your date as the light hits your dress, making you shine like the star we know you are!


Rachel Allan 4633


Sherri Hill 52087


Landa E219

5. Totally unique!

Do you like to stand out in a crowd? Are you constantly looking for something that no one would expect? Then these totally unique and show-stopping dresses are for you! From feathers to hoods to ‘mermaid scales’, these dresses are sure to leave everyone talking — in the best way, of course! Dare to be different, Henri’s Girl!63219-Pink-1

Jovani 63219

63200-Blush (3)-660x990

Jovani 63200


Sherri Hill 5239

*Honorable Mentions*

All of the #HOCO18 looks that have been coming in to Henri’s have been HOT! Here are some looks that didn’t quite make the top five, but are DEFINITELY stunners in our eyes!

*Yellow Dresses

You’ll be sure to shine like the sun at #HOCO18 in these yellow dresses. Designers such as Sherri Hill, Ashley Lauren, and others are embracing this bright tone, and we are LOVING it!


Sherri Hill 52358


Ashley Lauren 4072


Landa E264


They’re definitely unique, but we thought that these fun pieces deserved their own category. Maybe you’re not really feeling a dress this year? Spice it up and try on a sexy jumpsuit or a fun pair of shorts! These looks show that you’re classy, but you’re looking to have some fun at #HOCO18! Stop by Henri’s to try on these sexy pieces from Jovani, Sherri Hill, Rachel Allan, and more!

64903-Royal (2)-660x990

Jovani 64903


Sherri Hill 52126


Rachel Allan 4650

No matter what your style or vision, let Henri’s help you make this a night you’ll never forget! Our team of stylists is here to make sure you look and feel your best.

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