The number one rule on how to find a homecoming dress for you body type is to find a dress that makes you look great and feel fabulous too! Use these tips to help find the homecoming dress of your dreams that make you look like a princess!

Top Heavy Body Type:
Choose a dress that brings attention to the lower half of your body with a dress that is shaped, but not too tight.  Try to avoid dresses with ruffles at the top and dresses in pastel colors.

Dress 27650 by Hannah S is a perfect dress for you!

Bottom Heavy Body Type:
You want to look for homecoming dresses with dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors at the top. This helps bring attention to your upper half. Dresses with bling along the neckline are a hot trend and will look fabulous on you!

Dress 8413 by Sherri Hill is darker on the bottom and has lovely embellishments on the top make this a great dress for you!

Top and Bottom Heavy Body Type:
To show off your curves, look for a dress that has a v-neck and a pencil skirt. Make sure your dress is fitted but isn’t too tight.

The Sherri Hill dress 2445 will look great on you. It has a corset style top and a vertical pattern skirt and is available in a wide variety of colors!

No Curves Body Type:
Creating a curvy look is easy when you choose a dress with a pattern. Also, a halter-top dress helps create an hourglass look.

Try dress ED328 from the Landa homecoming dress collection. The all-over pattern and high-waisted belt help accentuate your curves!

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