Henri’s Cloud Nine proudly hosted the exclusive Jim Ball Designer Showcase March 12-13 at their Minerva store. This event of the season features not only the sleekest Jim Ball 2011 prom jewelry, but Jim Ball himself. The renowned designer was be on hand to personally consult girls on the best 2011 prom jewelry fashions and color highlights to best complement their natural beauty. In addition to personal appointments, Jim Ball also presented his line of 2011 prom jewelry and accessories. It was wonderful to experience these fashion setting styles in person, and see how they compliment your essence.

Jim Ball first began his esteemed line of prom fashions by tinkering in the fashion jewelry business in 1984. His eye for prom design was immediately appreciated by the prom community, earning him a reputation as well as steady sales that allowed him to pursue prom design full time that very same year. Soon he was making a complete line of pageant, prom and wedding jewelry using Swarovski crystal and Cubic Zirconia. To this day, Jim Ball’s Swarovski crystal earrings and Cubic Zirconia earrings are still his best sellers, popular for prom and pageants as well as weddings.

Jim Ball continues to be a leading voice in jewelry fashion and is a frequent writer for Pageantry Magazine. He sets trends in the jewelry industry because of his unique eye. He makes an art of prom jewelry design with a trained and talented vision for the perfect combination of jewels and materials to create a stunning piece of work. Talk to him personally to find your best combination. It takes such a trained artist to find that perfect accessory for your dress, jewelry dazzle that just lights up a room.

As the only prom super store in a five state area, Henri’s Cloud Nine Prom and Pageant Store is a destination for any girl going to the prom. Having Jim Ball on hand for consultation and fashion display is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was a great chance to find the perfect jewelry enhancement for your prom dress. Girls traveled all over from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky just for an up close look at this complete line of Jim Ball prom designer jewelry and Henri’s exclusive lines of designer prom dresses, over 5,000 prom dresses in stock. It’s an event you didn’t want to miss. For location information, girls should go to www.henris.com for store details and www.henrisprom.com to view collections on line.