Fashion may be constantly evolving, but some things never go out of style.

Anna Bersaglini, a Malvern, Ohio resident and business owner, surprised our staff this week with the ultimate Throwback Thursday: Two vintage prom dresses, worn by Anna in 1956 and 1957, that she purchased right here at Henri’s Minerva.

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“I thought I was the most beautiful girl at the dance,” Anna said with a smile.

We sat with Anna and her granddaughter, who was here to pick up her own dress, as she reminisced on going to prom over 60 years ago.

Her words painted a picture of a beautiful spring day, the smell of gardenias that made up her wrist corsage, and the sound of her date’s red and white Ford Crown Victoria as it pulled up to take her to the dance, which was being held in the Moonlight Ballroom at Malvern High School.

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And much like history, fashion repeats itself.

Just one look at Anna’s black and white photographs had the Henri’s experts excited about the similarities in style between Anna’s prom dresses and the homecoming gowns hanging in front of us.

From the beautifully crafted, three-dimensional flowers to the tiered skirt and horsehair trim, each vintage detail has reemerged, over 60 years later, as an in-demand trend.

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And as our staff poured over the details of each gown, we couldn’t help but wonder:

Who was the designer behind these beautiful vintage styles?

Like the delicate satin and chiffon fabrics Anna wore 60 years ago, the answer to that question has faded with time, as there were no designer tags to be found in either dress.

It was such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to see and feel prom dresses that once hung our store, long before our staff went to prom. Long before most of us were even born.

We’d like thank Anna Bersaglini for sharing her gorgeous vintage gowns with us and most of all, for being a #HenrisGirl for life.

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