Winners of the Henri’s Prom Ambassador Contest ascended upon the Columbus store location on Sunday, November 4th for a fabulous photo shoot with world renowned photographer Georgina Vaughan and team!

The day began with hair and makeup by Geovanna Hilton, Sarahy de la Rosa, and Georgina Vaughan while the Ambassadors waited anxiously in their pink Henri’s robes for the fun to begin!


After a whirlwind of eye lashes, hair extensions, curling irons, and contour kits, each model emerged from the pageant room where Henri’s stylists were ready with accessories and an entire wall of the season’s hottest dresses, jumpsuits and gowns.

But not before a few (hundred) selfies and snaps!


Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our shoot with the Henri’s Ambassadors and prom models, and follow us on Instagram @henriscloud9 and on Facebook to see the final, fabulous photos captured that day!

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xoxo, Henri’s Girls