Look your best during prom this year by paying roughly half the cost.

Look your best during prom this year by paying roughly half the cost.

Every girl wants to go to prom. What could be better than enjoying the night while looking fantastic? Here’s one answer to that question: saving money during your prom. According to USA Today, the average cost of going to the prom is $1,139.00.If you are helping your parents pay for the prom or you are simply looking for ways to cut some costs, these tips will help you out.

1. Find prom dresses on sale

There are tons of prom dresses on sale. Just because they’re on sale doesn’t make them any less valuable. You can find your favorite designers, such as Jovani, Sherri Hill, Tony Bowls, and Terani Couture.  Make sure to find a dress which flatters your skin tone and body frame before purchasing it.

2. Do your own makeup and hair

Many girls have their makeup professionally done for prom. They tend to have their hair done, too. If you have a talent for doing your own makeup, then you might as well do it on your own. You could always research videos on YouTube in order to learn makeup tutorials. The same goes with having your hair professionally done; there are tons of videos out there on how to style your own hair. At the very least, a good friend or older sister could always do your makeup or hair for you.

3. Don’t hire a photographer; ask a friend, family member, or parents instead

You can depend on a digital camera to make your own amazing photographs. Have Mom or Dad take pictures. Or—better yet—if you know someone who is an aspiring photographer, ask him or her to take your pictures for you. Later on, you can download free trials of Adobe Photoshop or other image editing programs and can add your own personal touch.

These three easy tips will help you to save big time when it comes to enjoying your prom. Check out some gorgeous prom dresses on sale, do your own hair and makeup, and avoid the costly fees of a photographer (if you can).