Are you ready for the fun festivities you’ll be experiencing at prom, but want to make a true statement before walking through the door? If so, you can turn to unique prom dresses as the answer.

dress11111There are literally tons of fantastic choices to choose from. The newest 2014 prom dresses are sure to capture the attention of nearly anyone you meet.

In case you’re looking to think outside the box this year as far as prom dresses go, you won’t want to settle with the traditional long gown dress. Instead, look for unique prom dresses which really shine like this one by Riva with an interesting bodice design.

This Riva prom dress is sure to make you stand out. The intense yet elegant pattern in a deep blue is sure to give you quite a few compliments. The embellishments at the top of the sweetheart bodice are a nice touch and so is the silver piece in the center of the dress. The skirt is sure to show your flirtier side with its flowing material. This prom dress has it all: the uniqueness, appeal, excellent color theme, and style. It’s all in the bodice details: the beautiful colors of the embellishments truly make it unique. So does the short skirt. (Warning: never wear something that is too short for your comfort zone, or you school’s prom policy).

Another way to make a statement during prom is to go all out with details. Okay, not that many, but just enough. Take this 2014 detailed gold dress by Riva, for instance.

This dress features a plain top which is actually very smart, because if this gold dres11111111embellishment had been everywhere, it would potentially have made the dress look a little less polished. This dress is a true coversation starter and is absolutely gorgeous. With its fine gold details and embellishments, you can feel like you’re making a true statement. Oh, and don’t forget about that super cool slit on the side.

Although a dress can absolutely make the difference in looking amazing during prom, don’t forget about your hair, makeup, and nails. These are three other important factors to consider when looking totally jaw-dropping at your prom. Make sure to select a hairstyle which really makes you stand out and a cool eyeshadow technique which will play up the color of your eyes. Your nails can be as fun as possible, too—there are tons and tons of nail designs available for you to choose from. There are plenty of nail art designs on Pinterest if you’re looking for unique ideas.