The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show airs tonight on CBS, and no one rocks a runway, giant wings, and sparkling undergarments quite like the Angels! Since 1995, the show has become bigger and more extravagant with each passing year. This year’s wow-factor outfit is the Floral Fantasy Bra and Gift Set worn by Alessandra Ambrosio worth a whopping $2,5000,000. In addition to the fabulous looks you’ll see this evening, musical accompaniment Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber, and Rihanna will be performing. Fashionistas all over the world will be drooling over the stunning clothes, jewelry, and accessories these models wear, I know I will be! But as much as I’d like to look like Miranda Kerr, we all know that’s not happening. Instead I’ve decided to dive into what makes the models runway ready. With a little practice, these video tutorials will have you strutting your stuff like a real VS Angel.

Ever wonder how the Victoria’s Secret models get that beautifully simple makeup look? Well, it starts with being absolutely flawless without any makeup at all (ha!) like Candice Swanepoel in this video. I love the shimmering inner eye effect, like gold dust that catches the light and makes her eyes look huge. Makeup artist Jenna Anton gives some great pointers in this one as well. Browns on blue eyes and blues on brown eyes, for example.

Next up: hair. Now this young lady might not be a supermodel, but she is pretty hilarious. She also has an easy and quick way to get that Victoria’s Secret Angel hair with big, bouncy curls that look gorgeous on almost everyone. You can also achieve this look with a curling iron, but I love the way hot rollers make me feel like I’m backstage at the show or something. Remember to curl away from your face (towards the back of your head) especially with your bangs and the hair closest to your face. You’ll get a style that looks like the wind is blowing in your face all day with your hair floating back like you’re on the runway.

Straight from the Brazilian babe’s mouth, Adriana Lima gives her top 10 fitness tips that keep her looking toned and fabulous in this video. Admittedly, the sound quality is not great and Lima’s accent is hard to understand in some parts. But if you want to look like a VS Angel, what better way than to take work out advice from one? I love the idea of jumping rope, her “secret weapon,” in addition to cardio training and weight lifting. Cheap, portable, and an excellent way to shape your legs and arms. Cinderella, Dressed in yellow, Went upstairs to kiss a fella….

And just for fun, here’s last year’s show. It’s amazing the preparation and design that goes into each piece.

Tell us what you think! Will you be watching the show? Any more tips for channeling your inner Angel?