Are you ready for the perfect prom night? Did your dream date ask you to the prom, in which you jumped, squealed, and promptly said “Yes!” to? Well, that’s amazing. Your prom night will be a memory that will last you for a lifetime and will give you many stories to share with your friends, family, and maybe—one day—your grandkids. Additionally, you can even make a treasurable scrapbook of fantastic images that were taken.

Although going to a prom is an exciting time, you’ve got to make sure you’re 100% ready for the big night. You might need to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • What dress should I wear? (By the way, Jovani prom dresses are absolutely breathtaking if you need an answer for that question.)
  • Who will have my makeup professionally done?
  • Do I want to spend money on my makeup being professionally done, or would I prefer to do it myself?
  • What hairstyle should I choose? An up-do?
  • What kind of accessories should I wear?
  • Should my friends and I take a limo?
  • Should I go tanning?
  • Should I groom myself? (Example: have a perfect eyebrow waxing.)

With these questions in mind, you can reach a conclusion and ultimately decide what you want for your spectacular prom night. However, there are a few precautions to take into consider as well.

  • Your dream man might have a ‘fan club’, if you will. If you notice your date is surrounded by other girls, try to take it calmly or join the crowd.
  • You might not be as interested in your date as you had previously hoped to be. If this is the case, try to bring your girlfriends around him. And, hey—maybe one of those girlfriends of yours will be into him instead!
  • Proms are notorious for drinking. Please do yourself a favor and refrain from drinking. One drink could be too much, but four or five can result in you falling to the floor. Plus, drinking is illegal for your age. You could get kicked out of the prom and not have any experience to remember whatsoever.

By following these tips, your prom night can be an absolute blast. In a gown carefully chosen by the many Jovani prom dresses out there, you’ll feel confident to survive any unexpected events.